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8 Bit And Up Video Games is one of the most innovative game retailers in the country. We provide an atmosphere that is inviting to everyone from the casual gamer to the hard core gaming enthusiast. Click Here to find out why we are different than all other video game retailers.
Our diverse product lineup includes new and used video games, accessories and consoles from leading manufacturers.
8 Bit And Up Video Games is one of the few retailers that repairs video game consoles in our store.
8 Bit And Up is conveniently located at 86 East 3rd Street in New York City. (Between 1st and 2nd Avenue)
We are very close to the 2nd Avenue Station on the F line. Hover your mouse over the subway line to see closest station.
F Train 6 Train J Train M Train Z Train L Train
86 East 3rd Street, New York, NY 10003 - 212-674-0201